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Ethereum Classic, Ubiq, Ravencoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Groestlcoin, Digibyte, Raptoreum, Ring, Dash
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Phoenixmax.org High Performance Mining Pools are run on dedicated high performance servers located in the U.S.A. Our servers are fully protected against DDOS attacks and offer Low Uncle/Orphan rates due to lightning fast gigabit network connectivity which results in industry leading propagation times!
if you are tired of poorly operated mining pools and you are paying higher fees for an inadequate service, come give PhoenixMax Mining Pools a try!

AboutPool Payouts

Depending on the selected coin and pool, available payout schemes are PPLNS ad SOLO. PPLNS and SOLO pool fees are 0.5% to 1.5%. The pool fee is deducted from the payout amount before the patment is made to the miner. The PPLNS Pay Per Last N Shares reward system is used to prevent pool hopping. The pool checks how many shares you've sent from the last N (number) of pool shares and makes the payouts based on the value calculated. Mining pools get solutions from all of the connected miners, and if one of those numerous solutions appears to be a proper one, the pool gets a reward for the created block. This reward is shared proportionally to the efforts applied by the miners and forwarded to their wallets. The Solo reward system is a type of cryptocurrency mining while using your own (or leased) hardware but without any help from other miners. If a Solo miner finds a block, the full reward goes to his or her wallet. Any rewards accumulated by a given cryptocurrency address may only be paid to that particular address. Wallet balances CAN NOT be merged or sent to another wallet.


  • Full stats with charts, rewards and earnings.
  • Pool fees are 0.5% to 1.5%
  • Pool allways pays all Mining Rewards (Blocks, Fees and Uncle Rewards)
  • Pool always pays Tx Fees
  • Fast and stable servers with DDOS protection
  • Dedicated Servers located in the U.S.
  • E.U. Servers COMING SOON!


Phoenix Miner

LOL Miner

Nano Miner


T-REX Miner




NEW ETCHASH V5 Bitstream For Antminer E3 !! Now Available.
Mine Ethereum Classic with Antminer E3.
Now comes with a screenshot tutorial and easy to follow steps to change pools.
Download V5 Now
Download V5.2 Now
Come mine Ethereum Classic with your Antminer E3 on PhoenixMax ETC Mining Pools.

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